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Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data

GIODO - Dr Edyta Bielak–Jomaa

Edyta Bielak-Jomaa, Ph.D. in law, fulfills the function of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.

On 9 April 2015 she was appointed for this post by the Sejm (lower chamber of the Polish Parliament), and on 16 April 2015 the Senate (upper chamber of the Polish Parliament) consented to her appointment. As of 22 April 2015, i.e. the day of taking the oath before the Sejm, pursuant to the Act on Personal Data Protection, the subsequent, four-year term of office of GIODO began.

Edyta Bielak – Jomaa was born on 10 May 1972 in Sandomierz. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz (UL). In 2003 she was awarded the academic title of Ph.D. in law. Since 2003 she has been an adjunct professor at the Chair of Labour Law of UL Faculty of Law and Administration. Since 2012 she has been fulfilling the function of the Manager of the Postgraduate Studies in Personal Data Protection, and since 2012 – of the Chair of the Centre for Personal Data Protection and Information Management, at UL Faculty of Law and Administration.   

She is a lecturer on personal data protection, labour law and economic migration abroad. She fulfills the function of an academic supervisor of the Interdepartmental Students Centre for Rights of Disabled Persons, she conducted training courses within the activity of the International Women’s Foundation and a series of training courses organised for employees and employers from the region “Different, but equal” concerning equal treatment and prohibition of discrimination on the labour market.

She was the organiser of conferences and debates on personal data issues, such as: „Medical data – limits of use and protection”, „Personal data protection in the activity of churches and other religious associations”, „Personal data protection and journalistic activity – limits of media privilege”, „Personal data protection and practice of legal professions”, „Personal data protection and elections”, “Judge – a public or private person? Limits of access to public information and personal data protection” (co-organiser – President of the Court of Appeals in Lodz and Lodz Branch of the Polish Judges Association IUSTITIA).

Dr Edyta Bielak – Jomaa is the author of over 30 studies on labour law, labour market and personal data protection issues.   

Her scientific interests include first of all the issues concerning the protection of employees’ personal rights and the protection of personal data in the employment context. She was the first one to start research on the protection of personal data of unemployed persons and job seekers.

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