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“Invest in privacy! We are getting ready for the #GDPR”

The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) kindly invites to the Conference „Invest in privacy! We are getting ready for the #GDPR”, organised on the occasion of the 12th Data Protection Day on 29 January 2018 in Warsaw. The event will be broadcast live at www.giodo.gov.pl.

The Conference will be devoted to practical aspects of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the preparation for the beginning of its application. The event is a subsequent event aimed at facilitating data controllers and processors alignment with the new legal provisions.

Preparing entrepreneurs and organisations for the application of the provisions of the GDPR is one of the main priorities of GIODO. Within the framework of the conducted informational and educational activities the Polish data protection authority supports the controllers both from the private and the public sector in the implementation for application of the rules resulting from the GDPR. The public consultations, sectoral trainings and information meetings held throughout the previous year were further stages of intensive activities aimed at ensuring the highest possible compliance level of the Polish controllers with the new provisions.

The Conference „Invest in privacy! We are getting ready for the #GDPR” will give a possibility for indicating by experts from the GIODO Bureau and invited practitioners how to comply with many new obligations imposed on data controllers by the GDPR, e.g. maintaining transparency, conducting Data Protection Impact Assessment or profiling.

The event will also give an opportunity to award for the first time the ‘Michał Serzycki Data Protection Award’ established by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection to commemorate Michał Serzycki, the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection of the 3rd term of office. The prize will be awarded to natural persons and organizational units for promoting data protection values and the right to privacy.

The registration for the event has ended. 

Below you will find the Conference programme.

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