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Study visit project realised within the framework of the „Lifelong Learning” Programme

Project title: "Personal data protection and privacy issues in education"

The Bureau of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection has been selected to realise a study visit financed from the resources of the European Union within the framework of the Study Visits Programme, being part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. The objective of the visit will be exchange of information and experience related to the ways and methods of providing knowledge on personal data protection addressed to children and youth. Moreover, during the meeting the possibility to introduce educational programmes in primary schools, junior high schools and high schools will be analysed and the most effective form of education in this field will be discussed.

The project will be realised in the form of a four-day visit organised in Warsaw. The visit will be attended by representatives of European data protection authorities and education institutions, including:

  • representatives of European data protection authorities,
  • representatives of institutions and circles (unions, associations) dealing with education and guidance,
  • primary, junior high and high schools’ teachers,
  • decision-makers with regard to educational programmes (Ministry of National Education),
  • representatives of local and regional authorities involved in education,
  • representatives of circles monitoring the risks entailed by the use of the Internet.

The Bureau of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection as personal data protection authority has expertise in personal data protection. It also conducts within its competencies extensive information and educational activities. The most important activities undertaken in this field include organisation of training courses and workshops addressed mainly to the representatives of government and self-government administration as well as representatives of public institutions. Furthermore, the Bureau of the Inspector General is an organiser and participant of a variety of conferences. It is also involved in numerous knowledge promotion activities (publishing information, publications and brochures on data and privacy protection) as well as educational activities, including e-learning (preparing eduGIODO information and education platform). While performing these tasks, it cooperates with various partners, both at international (Council of Europe, European Commission, data protection authorities from other countries, including in particular the Central and Eastern European states) and national level (public administration authorities, non-governmental organisations and higher schools). Raising data protection awareness becomes of crucial importance in the information and educational activities of the Bureau of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection. For these reasons, it will be possible to exchange experience in diversified children's education methods applied by various entities during the study visit in Warsaw.

The project will be realised from 9 to 12 March 2010.


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